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Currently Available

  • Litter ready to go home Jan 17th
  • Blue Brindle Import Male – 11 months 3000 usd
We provide AKC papers which can simply be submitted to ICCF, UKC and many other registries to obtain papers from those registries should one desire those papers also.

Limited Contract = Companion / Pet (this option requires spay/ neuter) = Currently= $2600 ( $2800 as of May 1st 2024)

Full rights (Does not require spay / neuter and includes breeding rights) = Currently= $5000

Import Puppies (Doe not require spay/neuter and includes breeding rights) = $6500

Ear crop is optional for an additional $500.00 (current price as of Feb 2021 subject to change if the vet changes)

Military / First Responder DISCOUNT = $200.00 (due to rising costs of import we can no longer offer the discount on Import puppies)

A $450. Deposit is required to reserve a puppy based on gender, and is deducted from the overall price of the puppy.

AKC registration
2-year Health Guarantee
30 days health insurance
30 days vitamin supplement
Tails docked
Age appropriate shots and deworming
Vet Check
Health Certificate if needed for travel
Lifetime prepaid microchip
Lifetime Breeder Support

At 6-7 weeks individual photos are taken, temperament evaluations are done and puppies are chosen.

Full rights choose puppies first- in order of deposit received followed by companions also in order received. If there are not enough of a certain gender the deposit will carry over to the next litter.
If at the time of selection there is not a suitable puppy the buyer may choose to hold their deposit to a future litter. Our deposits can always be held over to a future litter for any reason.
The balance is due before the puppy is released to the new family or authorized transport. We do NOT accept payment for the puppy prior to puppy going home.
With our location so close to a vacation hot spot, (Nashville, TN) many of our out of state families choose to drive in and visit Nashville for a day or 2 then pick up their puppy and drive or fly home. We can however assist in shipping via ground transport or air nanny service. We are also willing to meet you within 1 hour of our home, which can save you 2 hours drive time.
We are happy to answer questions, you can also reach out to those who have puppies from us. Once deposits are received, we have a family fb page that your welcome to join it's just for those who have our puppies. A fun page to share pics and stories and ask questions.
We do our best to continue our goal of providing some of the best bloodlines the world has to offer while maintaining the working ability, family friendly temperament and natural guardian instinct of the breed. To achieve this, we regularly Import new dogs and frozen semen for our girls.
Most understand the dedication we have provided to our puppies and our families for over 15 years; our efforts have allowed us to become one of the top breeders in North America -earning the respect of top breeders around the World! - while we do generally have a waiting list, the same is true for most reputable breeders. We tell everyone – no matter if we are your breeder of choice or not. Step 1 is to do your research and choose your breeder then wait for your puppy. Most of the calls we get from frustrated owners are from those whose breeders sold them a puppy then have either become unresponsive and/ or lack the knowledge to assist their buyers when they have questions. These families all say one common thing… “I should have waited”. They rushed a purchase for Birthday, Christmas or just couldn’t stand the anticipation and jumped at the first available puppy.  REMEMBER most reputable breeders will have a 6 month – 1 year waiting list !!!  We are ALWAYS here for our families and every breeder should be as well !
First step is to fill out the attached application - once approved you can place a deposit to secure your reservation (based on gender) – be sure to include the photos !
At any given time, there are on average 10-50 people on the waiting list (Mostly Males) Reservations will be filled as soon as puppies are available. We make many plans but as any veteran breeder will tell you….at the end of the day it is up to the girls when they cycle, conception rates, how many puppies they have along with the colors and gender. Many people place a reservation early so that when they are ready for a puppy there is a good chance of getting one right away. No breeder can guarantee puppies that have not yet arrived all we can do is make plans.
Each time we have a litter, when the pups are about 2 weeks old, we start at the top of our waiting list and see who is ready at that time. If you are ready when your name comes up you then know you are getting a puppy from that litter. At 6 weeks we do individual evaluations and video. From that, we give our opinions on the puppies and suitability and the families then choose their puppies and advise us if they will be choosing to crop the ears.

Planned Breedings: – 2024

Rock Me Amadues x Malefica (Imported Champion) – due Feb 23 2024 (Available for Reservation)
Crypto x Karol (Imported Champion) – Due March 15 2024 (Available For Reservation) th 
Katarina x Whisky (Imported Grand Champion) 2024

****We also have some females over seas. We ONLY import top quality that we would keep here for ourselves.. Import Puppies are $5100. Which includes, 2-year health guarantee, ears cropped, tail docked, vaccinations including rabies and microchip *** When the puppies arrive, they will be evaluated, then offered to those with reservations prior to being offered to the general public. Please indicate on your application if you are wanting to be on the list for the Imports.  These puppies are minimum 16 weeks old which is great because they learn bite inhibition from their littermates as well as can hold their potty longer. They also do not require the nearly 2 months of home quarantine as they are fully vaccinated and ready to get socializing

We have albums on our Facebook page as well as many of our dogs can be seen on our YouTube channel

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